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NQ Ocean Paddle Series 
TRACK YOUR PADDLE: We have a great new option to track your paddling with the recent launch of the Adventurethon App. Friends or family can then watch you as you compete via the website. You also have a record of your time and distance etc so you can see where you can improve, or where you did the best etc. 
NQ Ocean Paddle Series offers an opportunity for lovers of paddling to compete while exploring the wonders of North Queensland's oceanic waters.
Five events are on offer of varying distances and paddle styles in the Townsville/Magnetic Island region to suit a range of different skills and fitness levels. 
Our Mission is to grow the North Queensland ocean paddling community and give those people challenges and competition to make them better and more skilled paddlers whilst harbouring an inclusive ethos.

2015 Events
This year we have the favourites back on play along with some newbies to spice up our competition. ALL events have a long course and short course meaning: ALL levels of experienced have the chance to get out into the waters and enjoy a competitive or social paddle! 
Race1: Battle The Barge
Saturday March 14
Man Vs. Machine...
Race2: River Rush
Saturday April 18
A voted "Favourite" from 2013...
Long Course (18km)
The daredevils start in the mud and end at the magnificent Pallarenda Beach. This 16km Long Course Paddle takes competitors from the South Townsville Boat Ramp, down the Ross River, accross towards Magnetic Island and finally to the Pallarenda finish point. 
Short Course (8km)
An alternative short course is available for beginners and socializers. This course is a simple out and back paddle off the Pallarenda Beach. 
Race3: Fantasea Horseshoe Gallop
Sunday June 21
The Magnetic Adventure...
Long Course (22km)
The long course takes competitors on a wild journey from Horseshoe Bay, around the tropical Magnetic Island ending on Townsville land at the Rockpool (The Strand).
Short Course (10km)
An easier course is available letting competitors paddling off the Rockpool beach and back witnessing a stunning view of the strand. 5 Laps of a simple and easy navigational course. 
Race4: Multi Strand Assault
Sunday September 13
Around and around we go!
Long Course (20km)
A simple circuit covering 20km of paddling, competitors start from the Strand Park South beach end, out to the Rock wall of the Ferry Channel, back aiming for the Rockpool Bay then heading South (along the beach side) to the finish point where the race began, repeating - 5 laps in total. 
Short Course (10km)
Beginners and socializers, for the first time, take on the exact same course as the extreme paddlers but in a shorter distance (2 laps only). 
Race5: Survival of Saunders
Saturday November 14
The Final Stretch...
Long Course (25.8km)
It is now time for the hardcore to test themselves. After several months of challenging courses, unexpected weather conditions and battling of the long open ocean waters, the time has arrived to see whether these past months were worth the sweat and tears. This astonishing 25.8km course will set competitors off from Pallarenda Beach, out towards bay rock and back inland finishing at Saunders Beach. 
Short Course (12km)
Another easy one just to give the socializers and less experienced a chance to get into the water! We still ain't going a little too easy on these guys since they too have built up confidence and paddling experience over the last few months! So go ahead, end your Paddle Series with a great accomplishment and try out our 12km short course!

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