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Its finally out…..the 2016 NQ Ocean Paddle Series Dates! This years series will have us take on some new races with Shoal Point Downwinder in Mackay and the Cowley to Etty Bay, Innisfail. Its great to have paddlers from these areas on board with the series this year. While we […]

2016 Race Series dates RELEASED!

Around MI
Race 7 will be in 2 groups, intermediate and beginners. The idea of this is to allow fast transitions after each stage and to implement the best water safety methods possible to all competitors. In order to race in the Sealink around Magnetic Island Loop, ccompetitors must prove themselves at […]

Race 7 – Sealink Magnetic Loop

Race 5- Cape to Cape
Race 6 kicks off at Cape Cleveland and finishes at Cape Pallarenda. Sealink QLD are putting on a specific trip in order to get us out to cape Cleveland for this race, Sealink have also Sponsored the tickets for all paddlers so make sure you show them some love for […]

Race 6 – Sealink Cape to Cape

Race 5- Cowley to Etty Bay13th of August, 2016   Crystal clear skies and warm Queensland temperatures set off the conditions of the day at Race 5 – Cowley to Etty Bay. A hint of wind gave a glimpse of the wind to come and all was looking ready for […]

Race 5- Cowley to Etty Bay Race Report

Cowley Beach to Etty Bay
Race 5 showcases some of the Norths beautiful beaches. Located just an hour and 40 minutes from Cairns, and 3 hours from Townsville. Competitors will paddle up the coast line from Cowley beach through the stunning waters of Etty bay. Competitors should ensure car and racks are at the Finish […]

Race 5 – Cowley to Etty Bay

Short race 4
Race 4- Battle the Barge 16th of July, 2016   Long Course: The Paddlers took out Battle the Barge over the weekend, with not only 1 but 6 of our paddlers defeating the Fantasea Barge. Despite a cold and wet Friday, Race day turned out to be beautiful and sunny, […]

Race 4- Battle the Barge Race Report

battle the barge
Battle the Barge is back by popular demand! When the Barge gets the end of the marina, it will sound its horn- competitors will then race over to Magnetic Island and back. The Barge has only been beaten once in 4 years- is it your turn beat the Barge? Price:  […]

Race 4 – Battle The Barge

terminator Picture
Origins of Battle the Barge If we’ve learned one lesson between the dawn of the Industrial Age and the release of Terminator, it’s surely this: machines are bad, and they’re almost certainly plotting to kill us all, even if they’re outwardly pretending to do helpful stuff, like make coffee and reheat […]

Man Vs the Machine- Battle the Barge 2016

BBQ Race 3
Race 3- Shoal Point Downwinder 18th June, 2016   Long Course Well its always refreshing to visit new patches of water so it’s no surprise that the Townsville crew jumped at the chance to try one of Charlie Wilkie’s favourite stretches of water between the Marina and Shoal Point. After […]

Race 3- Shoal Point Downwinder Race Report

Race 3- Mackay Harbour- Shoal Point
This 18km course is new to the Series in 2016. Starting from the Mackay Marina, this course takes competitors past Slade Point, finishing up at Shoal Point. This is one of our NQOPS regular racers (Charlie Wilkie) favourite paddles. A nice stretch of water with views of the islands and […]

Race 3 – Shoal Point Down Winder

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Race 2- Magnetic to Mainland Race Report 14th May, 2016   Short Course It was great to see everyone getting out there and having a go at the short course over the weekend. The wind definitely picked up once the race had started- the waves changed direction towards the end […]

Race 2- Magnetic to Mainland Race Report